Covering tunels

Cover plants
to protect and increase growth

A low tunnel is a type of protected space in which it is possible to change vegetation factors (temperature, temperature, humidity and soil).

The main purpose of low tunnels is temporary protection of plants from cold or frost, production of planting material or plant cultivation during the entire vegetation period.

Transparent mulch films disinfect the soil and prevent the growth of weeds by solarization ( burning ) when it used during the summer period. Sometime it is used to encourage early season plant growth and early cropping.

Gerovit mulch foil is manufactured in accordance with SRPS EN 13655 : 2018

ML00150710transparent15 mic0,7mUV, anti-dripping1000m
ML00150810transparent15 mic0,8mUV, anti-dripping1000m
ML00151010transparent15 mic1,0mUV, anti-dripping1000m
ML00151210transparent15 mic1,2mUV, anti-dripping1000m
ML00151410transparent15 mic1,4mUV, anti-dripping1000m