Mulch films

Long-lasting mulch
films increase crop
production rates

A number of advantages are achieved by covering the soil around the plant that is cultivated with Gerovit mulch foil.

    Using the Gerovit mulch foils, we have an impact on:
  • Mulch foils prevent evaporation and secure optimum moisture of the soil which leads to a more effective use of available water. Drip irrigation combined with plastic mulch decreased water consumption of row crops six times.
  • Mulch film is almost impermeable to gases. The CO2 released from the soil due to the decomposition of organic substances is channeled to perforations on the film made for planting and becomes concentrated around each plant. This small increase of CO2 level around the stomata of foliage promotes growth by enhancing photosynthesis.
  • Higher humidity increases the amount of dissolved nutrients dispersed in the root zone. It retain heat in soil during the night and secure favourable micro climate conditions in the root zone which results in increased early and total yields of crops.
  • It prevents weed growth and protects the plant from contact with soil that protects against dirt and moisture. This drastically reduces rotting process, and the dry environment is preventive related to diseases and pests, especially with crops that lie on the ground.
Mulch foils prevent evaporation and secure optimum moisture of the soil which leads to a more effective use of available water. Drip irrigation combined with plastic mulch decreased water consumption of row crops six times.

Made from premium LDPE & LLDPE from DOW Chemical, provide you better mechanical properties on really thin film extrusion, just from 15 microns. Based on special recipe with DOWLEX® blends adds special mechanical properties.

Premium black masterbatch from Cabot® makes the film opaque and high sun protection.

We are supplied with well known German machine producer Reifenhäuser 3-layer blown film line with integrated GUNTER inline devices for perforating up to 10 holes per line.

Gerovit mulch foil is manufactured in accordance with SRPS EN 13655 : 2018

Black mulch foils disable photosynthesis of weeds. You will reduce weeds without using herbicides with our mulch foils. It is used when higher temperatures are desired in the root zone.

Plan in advance the density and arrangement of planting your plants and order one of our perforated foils. This will relieve you of the painstaking work of drilling holes on the mulch foil and save you some time. You can choose from 1 up to 5 rows of holes (up to 10 rows on folded foils) that can be arranged in line or zigzag for increased planting density.

Mulch foil - Specification

Film thickness

Film width

Material & Lifetime




from 15 up to 60 microns

black mulch from 15 microns

silver/black mulch from 15 microns

white/black mulch from 22 microns

transparent mulch from 15 microns

Standard film width sizes

- 800mm

- 1000mm

- 1200mm

- 1400mm

- 2000mm

- 2500mm

- 3000mm

- 3500mm

* It is possible to do any size from 800mm up to 3600mm

**All widths of foil larger than 1800mm are delivered folded.

Enhanced Polyethylene Resins

■ 6 months
(low cost 15 microns mulch)

■ 1 season
(15 microns mulch)

■ 2 seasons

■ 3 seasons
(30 microns and more)

■ no perforation

■ 1 line

■ 2 lines for strawberries

■ up to 8-10 lines for green salad

■ Ø50mm

■ Ø65mm

■ 50m box package

■ from 500m up to 3000m on roll

MF11150810black/black15 mic0,8m1000m12,5kg
MF11151010black/black15 mic1,0m1000m15,7kg
MF11151210black/black15 mic1,2m1000m18,0kg
MF11200810black/black20 mic0,8m1000m16,3kg
MF11201010black/black20 mic1,0m1000m20,6kg
MF11201210black/black20 mic1,2m1000m24,0kg
MF11300810black/black30 mic0,8m1000m23,6kg
MF11301010black/black30 mic1,0m1000m29,5kg
MF11301210black/black30 mic1,2m1000m35,4kg
MF11150810black/black15 mic0,8m100m (bag)1,2kg
MF11151010black/black15 mic1,0m100m (bag)1,5kg
MF11151210black/black15 mic1,2m100m (bag)1,75kg
MF18150810silver/black15 mic0,8m1000m12,5kg
MF18151010silver/black15 mic1,0m1000m15,7kg
MF18151210silver/black15 mic1,2m1000m18,0kg
MF18200810silver/black20 mic0,8m1000m16,3kg
MF18201010silver/black20 mic1,0m1000m20,6kg
MF18201210silver/black20 mic1,2m1000m24,0kg
MF18300810silver/black30 mic0,8m1000m23,6kg
MF18301010silver/black30 mic1,0m1000m29,5kg
MF18301210silver/black30 mic1,2m1000m35,4kg
MF11150810silver/black15 mic0,8m100m (bag)1,2kg
MF11151010silver/black15 mic1,0m100m (bag)1,5kg
MF11151210silver/black15 mic1,2m100m (bag)1,75kg
MF00150810transparent15 mic0,8m1000m12,5kg
MF00151010transparent15 mic1,0m1000m15,7kg
MF00151210transparent15 mic1,2m1000m18,0kg
MF00151410transparent15 mic1,4m1000m21,6kg
MF01150810fume15 mic0,8m1000m12,5kg
MF01151010fume15 mic1,0m1000m15,7kg
MF01151210fume15 mic1,2m1000m18,0kg
MF01151035fume15 mic1,2m3500m50,0kg