Shade nets

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UV stabilized shading nets provides reliable protection for many years and represent the most economical way to improve living conditions for plants.

    Benefits of using Gerovit shading nets:
  • Gerovit shading nets provide plants with diffused or scattered light, which is much better utilized, also due to the presence of UV stabilizers containing UV adsorbers, reduce the amount of harmful UV radiation to a greater extent than other types of light.
  • If placed from all sides through a construction similar to a greenhouse Gerovit shading nets provide physical protection from domestic and wild animals, birds and most insects.
  • Excessive amount of light can lead to the appearance of solar injury on leaves and fruits, too much light leads to a temperature shock of the plant, which slows down growth and development.
  • During the day below the shading nets is lower temperature, and the plants are protected from temperature shock during the summer, while at night the mesh reflects the back some of the radiation that the earth radiate as it cools and raises the temperature below the net, which in winter helps with the cold and frost.
Gerovit shading nets are lightweight and feature durability and toughness. They are easy to install thanks to reinforced edges with holes for the button or rope.

Using Gerovit white nets, we get the greatest amount of scattered (diffused) light with the less UV light, which is due to the properties of the white pigment to scatter the light and absorb UV rays. In this way, the maximum quality of light is achieved which leads to significantly improved yields if other conditions for growth are present (sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients, absence of disease and pests, etc.)

Benefit from use Gerovit shading nets is increased yield, better quality and visual appearance of plants (no solar injury, fruits are larger, less damage from birds and insects) either in organic production or in combination with other modern agrotechnical measures (irrigation in drop by drop system, use of liquid fertilizers, use of quality varieties, timely and adequate use of protection products). Earlier maturation time is achieved, especially when using white shading nets.

Gerovit shading nets provide protection against wind, hail and sun.

CODEProductWidth (m)Spool (m)Shade (%)ColorSurface (m2)
SN66351210Shading net1,2m100m35%Dark green120m2
SN66353610Shading net3,6m100m35%Dark green360m2
SN66354010Shading net4,0m100m35%Dark green400m2
SN66355610Shading net5,6m100m35%Dark green560m2
SN66356010Shading net6,0m100m35%Dark green600m2
SN66357510Shading net7,5m100m35%Dark green750m2
SN66358010Shading net8,0m100m35%Dark green800m2
SN66359210Shading net9,0m100m35%Dark green940m2
SN66501210Shading net1,2m100m50%Dark green120m2
SN66504010Shading net4,0m100m50%Dark green400m2
SN66506010Shading net6,0m100m50%Dark green600m2
SN66508010Shading net8,0m100m50%Dark green800m2
SN66509010Shading net8,6m100m50%Dark green900m2
SN66701210Shading net1,2m100m70%Dark green120m2
SN66704010Shading net4,0m100m70%Dark green400m2
SN66706010Shading net6,0m100m70%Dark green600m2
SN66708010Shading net8,0m100m70%Dark green800m2
Also we can offer silver, white or red nets in same sizes.