Raschel bags on rolls

Raschel bags
on rolls

Suitable for the automatic packaging that requires uniformity in bag size, weight and dimensions.

    There are many reasons to use Gerovit single raschel bags, yet the biggest one is that we are using eco-friendly materials in their production
  • We use only materials that have food contact approvals and as such they are safe for packing food and products for children such as toys. Materials used for our bags are 100% recyclable and our bags do not contain heavy metals. They are manufactured using the latest technology that emits no toxic gases.
  • Gerovit Raschel bags are a cost-effective and efficient solution for packing different products. They are simple to use and save space. Their air-permeable netting secures ventilation that reduces the moisture within the bag, guarantees freshness and prevents mildew and rotting of products. This is why Raschel bags are ideal for packing fresh fruits and vegetables: potatoes, onion and leek, citruses, cabbage, corn, carrots, etc. Additionally, they may be used for packing toys, fire wood, pet food and other retail products.
  • Fine, mesh-like structure guarantees visibility of the quality of your product. Carefully chosen our colors and nuances serve to improve the look of your product in order to make it look even better.
Suitable for the automatic packaging that requires uniformity in bag size, weight and dimensions.

Blown film line of the Italian manufacturer Macchi provides HDPE foil with the orientation of the molecules in the machine direction which represents a quality raw material for our German made Karl Mayer knitting machines. By using high quality materials from Dow Chemical, we provide a high level of quality for our raschel bags.

Gerovit Raschel bags are available in different colors and sizes which can be a great way to promote your product.

They can be combined with your labels and other marketing material that will make your bags unique and more noticeable.

BR12416020 Red 41x60 2000
BR44416020 Golden yellow 41x60 2000
BR34416020 Gold 41x60 2000
BR44416025 Golden yellow 41x60 2500
BR42568020 Rose gold 56x80 2000
BR34456520 Gold 45x65 2000
BR34354630 Gold 35x46 3000
BR24476520 Athletic yellow 47x65 2000
BR12354630 Red 35x46 3000
BR10416025 White 41x60 2500
BR42476520 Rose gold 47x65 2000
BR53416025 Orange 41x60 2500
BR14416020 Yellow 41x60 2000
BR34547820 Gold 54x78 2000
BR42558020 Rose gold 55x80 2000
BR13547820 Orange 54x78 2000
BR34313935 Gold 31x39 3500
BR52416025 Red 41x60 2500
BR13416025 Orange 41x60 2500
BR53558020 Orange 55x80 2000